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DigiTop brings licensed journals, newspapers, databases and directories to USDA employees.

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What is DigiTop?
DigiTop is USDA's Digital Desktop Library. It serves as a gateway to quality information resources, many not available through the "ordinary" Web.

What's in DigiTop?
DigiTop supplies authoritative and reliable published information about agriculture, forestry and allied fields, including government, economics and business, by providing around-the-clock access to key databases, journals, newspapers, statistics, and other important electronic resources that we’ve licensed on behalf of USDA employees.

How can I access DigiTop?
If you're seeing this page, our system did not recognize your computer as belonging to a USDA network.

If you're a USDA employee and have a proxy account, simply click on the "Login" button above to connect.

If you're a USDA employee without a proxy account or are having trouble connecting, follow the appropriate instructions provided in the blue boxes on the right, and we'll get you into DigiTop as quickly as we can.

If you're not an employee of USDA, then you can access DigiTop only by visiting the National Agricultural Library, where you can also use one of the world's largest and most accessible agricultural collections. Not in the Washington, DC-area? Don't worry. You can still find great agriculturally related information from the Library's Web site. Or feel free to contact the Library for assistance. We're here to help.

Why should I use DigiTop? I've got the Web.

DigiTop is the source for quality.
It’s true that much of what’s on the Web is free. Plug in your search terms or type in a URL, and you can find some amazing things, all at no apparent cost to you. But in your job, you need more than just amazing. You need authoritative, reliable, scholarly, peer-reviewed. You also need world-wide scope and historical depth. DigiTop brings those to you through selected content that isn't free, but it’ll feel that way to you.

DigiTop gives you more of the Web.
Let's say you head to your favorite search engine to find some great article from the Agronomy Journal or the Review of Agricultural Economics. Up pops the perfect link in the search engine results. You click on it and read the full article without missing a beat. Magic, right? Or just another wonder of the Web? Probably neither. Instead, it's DigiTop, doing its thing quietly and unobtrusively, bringing you together with the information you need at the moment you need it. And how does that happen? DigiTop uses IP address recognition to allow you to use the journals and databases licensed on your behalf, seamlessly bringing you the part of the Web you really need but otherwise couldn't see. Like we said, DigiTop gives you more.

DigiTop provides unparalleled service.
DigiTop's impressive online collection and ease-of-use is supported by knowledgeable staff offering unparalleled service. The DigiTop team, backed by the full resources of the National Agricultural Library, works to ensure that you have the information you need to get the job done, whatever, wherever or whenever that job is. And should all else fail, our research professionals will help get you back on track.

DigiTop is USDA's go-to destination.
By delivering quality resources and services that USDA employees need, DigiTop has become the go-to online destination for researchers and policymakers alike, keeping them in touch, informed and in the loop. We can help you be more than just amazing.

Last Modified: Feb 16, 2018

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DigiTop is available to USDA employees only.

If you are a USDA employee and want to use DigiTop from outside a USDA network, such as when working from home, when on travel, or if stationed on a college campus, request a proxy account by
e-mailing DigiTop Proxy and providing the following information:

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  • Work phone number
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  • City and state where you work
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If you are a USDA employee and believe you have reached this page in error, check with your IT staff to verify that your computer is located within a USDA domain or has a USDA-issued IP address.

If your computer has the appropriate configuration and you still are not able to access our services, contact DigiTop for assistance.

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